Omnnidirectional VHF antenna ZZ201

The ZZ201 base antenna is an omni-directional (omni) antenna designed for the 150-175 MHz band. The antennas are
welded from aluminum alloy and protected with varnish. For lightning protection, it is provided by a galvanic connection. It is resistant to icing and wind up to 150 km / h.  The antenna gain is 2.5dBd, which corresponds to 4.65 dBi.  The coaxial cable is connected with an N-type connector.  The antenna is durable, reliable and used in hundreds of applications.  

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Antenna ZZ201 technical parameters


Frequency band (MHz) 150-174
Gain (dBd) 2,5
Radiation angle in the H – plane 180 °
Radiation angle in the E – plane 100 °
Anteroposterior ratio 6 dB
Standing wave voltage factor <1,5
Nominal impedance 50 Ohm
Polarization vertical
Maximum performance 1000 W
Dimensions 920 x 760 x 80 mm
Connector N
Mass 1.4 kg
Wind resistance 150 km / h

Radiation diagrams of antenna ZZ201Vyzařovací diagram antény v rovině H


Vyzařovací diagram antény ZZ201 v rovině E

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