DCom, Ltd. s r.o. – company profile

The company DCom, spol. s r.o. has been providing comprehensive services in the field of communication technologies with a focus on professional radio communication systems and solutions since 1994. In this context, we provide all services from design, through specialized development, system integration, production, assembly and long-term service of the delivered systems. For our customers, we provide complex deliveries of security systems including camera systems, EPS, EZS and computer networks. Our parent company is AŽD Praha,s.r.o., an important supplier of technological units in the field of signalling, communication, control and communication technologies for transport infrastructure. Railway infrastructure is an important market for our products. In the field of trade we are a partner of several major foreign companies. The main foreign partner is Hytera, the world’s second largest manufacturer of professional radio communication equipment.

Basic data

  • Company founded 1994
  • Annual turnover of 150 mil. CZK
  • Main focus design and supply of radio communication technologies
  • The company has established and certified standards for quality management according to ISO 9001, environmental management according to ISO 14001 and occupational safety management according to ISO 45001
  • The company has a system in place for working with classified information in accordance with the requirements of the NSA
  • Parent company AŽD Praha, s.r.o.
  • Number of employees 35

Who are we?

We have been offering users comprehensive solutions and professional services in the field of radio communication technologies for 29 years.

Custom development, system integration

We integrate communication technologies from global manufacturers and develop our own products tailored to customer requirements. We develop dispatching systems, telemetry applications, antenna systems and railway equipment. Our company is a member of the DMR Association.

Supply of communication and security systems

We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of communication and security systems from design, design, implementation and long-term maintenance. We supply infrastructure, end devices and applications. We adapt the system to customer requirements

DCom offers customers comprehensive services. We develop our own products and solve system integrations. We provide design and construction of communication and security systems,

Trade, distribution, services

We represent major foreign companies on the markets of the Czech Republic and Slovakia and distribute their products. We invest in marketing and promotion.


We manufacture special custom communication equipment, dispatcher terminals, antennas, telemetry units. We have an integrated management system according to ISO standards.

Products and Solutions

We offer comprehensive communication and security solutions tailored to customer requirements

We integrate digital and analogue communication technologies, we develop and manufacture special products for communication systems and offer top products from world-class manufacturers and provide technical support and service to customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

System integrations

We connect digital and analogue communication systems and offer integrated dispatching solutions

We connect digital and analogue communication systems and offer integrated dispatching solutions

Communication systems

We deliver comprehensive Hytera solutions for professional radio networks based on DMR and TETRA standards

We supply professional communication systems for digital radio networks DMR and TETRA

Special Products

We develop communication solutions and specialized products based on VoIP technology. We manufacture our own antennas and RF equipment.

Our laboratory guide Milan Barvíř

Radios and accessories

We supply, distribute and service products from Hytera, Alfatronix, Polomarconi, Teltonika, Savox

DCom is the official distributor for Hytera radios and radios

Professional services

Our company employs experienced professionals in the field and we are therefore able to provide our customers with professional services from the design of the solution, through implementation to the provision of warranty and post-warranty service.


We will provide project preparation for radio communication infrastructure, prepare digital coverage models, secure permits for radio network operation

As part of the project preparation, we will prepare a model of the coverage of the planned radio network and select suitable locations for base stations


Based on the customer’s request, our technicians can carry out control measurements of the coverage of the area of interest with the signal of the planned radio network before the construction of the radio network infrastructure.

We offer measurement of radio network signal coverage of the area of interest


Our technicians have all the necessary qualifications, training and equipment to carry out high quality installations. In addition to radio communication systems, we also supply camera systems, EPS and EZS systems and computer networks.

DCom technicians are ready to install radio networks, camera systems, EPS and EZS security systems in high quality


We provide professional warranty and post-warranty service for our systems according to the customer’s requirements, including service availability. Our service center provides authorized service for Hytera radios and other manufacturers we supply.