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DCom offers its own products, implements system integrations and provides services in the field of radio networks and telecommunications systems,

DMR telemetrická jednotka DS399 zajistí zcela nezávislé dálkové řízení technologických celků a je součástí schválených prvků KPPS JSVV

DMR control unit DS399 for telemetry transmission

Despite the rapid development of mobile networks, many users require an independent telemetry network for remote control of technological units. DCom has extensive experience in building telemetry networks for energy, water and flood protection systems. The MC13 radio telemetry unit has long been one of our important products. We have used our experience in the …

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GSM-R telefon SED OPS-810R nabízí všechny funkce pro zajištění bezpečné komunikace v drážním provozu a to včetně posunu ve shodě s UIC EIRENE

GSM-R telephone SED OPS-810R with shunting support

In railway operation, technology based on the international GSM-R standard is used for voice and data communication. Compared to the conventional GSM, a number of functions are added to ensure safety, reliability and continuity of railway transport. Examples include group calls, functional addressing, and user and call priority settings. GSM-R technology uses handsets specifically designed …

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Smart railway GSM-R phone SED GPH-650R

The manufacturer of railway GSM-R mobile terminals, SED, has introduced a smart GSM-R phone based on the Android operating system. The use of a standard operating system for mobile phones offers the user the opportunity to use a huge number of ready-made applications or have specialized applications prepared. The terminal supports all services in the …

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GSM-R telefon SED OPH-810R schválený k provozu v síti SŽDC

Durable GSM-R railway phone SED OPH-810R

Railway GSM-R telephone SED OPH-810R is suitable for use in normal railway traffic. The phone supports all common functions defined by the GSM-R standard. Its great advantage is the durable design. The OPH-810R has a shock- and vibration-resistant case. Dust and water resistance according to IP65 specification. The battery with a capacity of 3200mAh ensures …

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Directional VHF antenna ZZ203

ZZ203 is a directional antenna designed for the band 150-175 MHz. The antenna is welded from aluminum alloy and protected by varnish. The gain is 4 dBd, which corresponds to 6.15 dBi. Lightning protection is provided by a galvanic connection.  The coaxial cable is connected using an N-type connector.  ZZ203 is resistant to icing and …

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