Category: Products for communication technologies and system integration

System integration of communication technologies is a major concern of DCom, spol. s.r.o. We develop and produce devices that enable the integration of traditional communication technologies into modern IP systems.

DS261kompletní přehled provozu radiové sítě ve vebovém prostředí

Power supply and monitoring equipment for radio network repeaters

Repeaters or other retransmission base stations are key elements of the radio network infrastructure that ensure the communication of professional users of radios over a large area. The communication of radio network participants depends on them.  With the use of a repeater, reliable communication over a large area can be ensured  compared to direct communication …

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DCom Telekomunikační obslužný panel TOP - dispečerské pracoviště

TOP – Telecommunication Service Panel

The telecommunication control panel integrates the control computer, 17 “LCD touch screen into one unit. The touch control room excels  passive (fanless, noiseless) cooling, sufficient computing power and quality display for running the client application. The dispatcher can easily control the integrated RadioVoice communication system for remote control of radios, telephones, MB telephones, radio and …

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Remote controlled IP radio exchange

The radio exchange is intended to replace the existing RU-6 radio exchanges and other similar devices when switching to a remote control system. It contains a power low-frequency amplifier 300 W 100 V, control circuits for its control and supervision, VoIP circuits for supplying the input low-frequency signal in digital form. In addition to the …

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Blok dálkově ovládané radiostanice pro dispečerský systémy RadioVoice 3

RadioVoice RV3 block of a remote controlled radio station

The RV3 block of the radio station is a part of the Radiovoice 3 system, which enables remote control of base radio stations in a TCP / IP environment. It contains one or two radios, a power supply for 230 V AC or 48 V DC, control circuits and VoIP converters. Configuration is performed on …

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Schéma připojení GSM-R brány pro připojení integrovaného dispečerského systému Radiovoice 3

GSM-R gateway for connection of the integrated dispatching system Radiovoice 3

The GSM-R gateway is a separate device mediating communication between the GSM-R network and the integrated communication system Radiovoice 3 at the level of connection to the network infrastructure of the GSM-R system. The GSM-R gateway in conjunction with the TOP telecommunication control panel provides voice communication between control and railway staff (dispatchers, dispatchers) and …

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