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Dispečerské řešení MAJOR BOS využívá technologii VoIP a nabízí dálkové řízení až 8 základnových radiostanic DMR nebo TETRA

Dispatching solution MAJOR BOS remotely controlled radio stations

en The MAJOR BOS dispatching solution uses VoIP technology and offers remote control for base radio stations and DMR and TETRA radio networks

We offer professional communication solutions TASSTA

We are honored to announce that the company DCom, Ltd. s ro. has become the official distributor of TASSTA , which provides an advanced software platform for professional communication using mobile broadband networks. TASSTA technology also meets the requirements for critical communication according to the 3GPP standard. TASSTA MCX offers MCPTT functions – Mission Critical …

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Dispacth console of professional dispatching system RadioVoice 3

RadioVoice RV3 integrated dispatching system

The Radiovoice 3 dispatching system builds on previous dispatching systems developed by DCom,  spol. s ro and further expands their possibilities. It is intended for use in large companies in the field of transport and industry, as well as in government departments such as fire brigades, rescue corps, etc. The system uses standard protocols in …

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Prostředí klientské aplikace záznamového zařízení RecorDat

RecorDat digital recording device

AŽD RecorDat digital recording device is used for recording and archiving calls and data information taking place on various types of telecommunication devices, e.g. analog and digital lines, digital exchanges, VoIP phones and exchanges, radio stations, etc. All information about calls and system configuration is stored in an SQL database. Calls are recorded in standard …

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