Directional UHF antenna ZZ403

The ZZ403 base antenna is a directional antenna designed for the UHF band 420-470 MHz. The antenna is welded from aluminum alloy and protected by varnish. The antenna gain is 4.5 dBd, which corresponds to 6.65 dBi. For lightning protection, it is protected by a galvanic connection to the mast. ZZ403 is resistant to icing and wind up to 150 km / h.  The coaxial cable is connected with an N-type connector. The ZZ series antennas are durable and reliable and used in hundreds of applications. 

Základnová směrová UHF anténa ZZ403

Antenna ZZ403 technical parameters

Frequency band (MHz) 420-470
Gain (dBd) 4,5
Radiation angle in the H – plane 120 °
Radiation angle in the E – plane 70 °
Anteroposterior ratio 12 dB
Standing wave voltage factor <1,5
Nominal impedance 50 Ohm
Polarization vertical
Maximum performance 1000 W
Dimensions 320 x 500 x 90 mm
Connector N
Mass 1.3 kg
Wind resistance 150 km / h

Radiation diagrams of antenna ZZ403

Vyzařovací diagram antény ZZ403 v rovině H

Vyzařovací diagram antény ZZ403 v rovině E

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