DCom became a member of the DMR Association

The DMR standard is today the world’s most widely used digital standard for professional radio networks. The great advantages of the DMR standard include backward compatibility with analog systems and the possibility of gradual replacement of analog radio networks with digital ones. The devices manufactured according to the standard are interoperable. For users, this means …

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Sídlo společnosti DCiom na ulici Kšírova v Brně

DCom, Ltd. s ro

What are we doing Our company provides comprehensive communications services with a focus on professional radio communication systems and solutions. In this context, we provide all services from design, through specialized development, system integration, production, installation and long-term service of delivered systems. Our parent company is AŽD Praha, sro , an important market for our …

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Smart railway GSM-R phone SED GPH-650R

The manufacturer of railway GSM-R mobile terminals, SED, has introduced a smart GSM-R phone based on the Android operating system. The use of a standard operating system for mobile phones offers the user the opportunity to use a huge number of ready-made applications or have specialized applications prepared. The terminal supports all services in the …

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GSM-R telefon SED OPH-810R schválený k provozu v síti SŽDC

Durable GSM-R railway phone SED OPH-810R

Railway GSM-R telephone SED OPH-810R is suitable for use in normal railway traffic. The phone supports all common functions defined by the GSM-R standard. Its great advantage is the durable design. The OPH-810R has a shock- and vibration-resistant case. Dust and water resistance according to IP65 specification. The battery with a capacity of 3200mAh ensures …

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DS261kompletní přehled provozu radiové sítě ve vebovém prostředí

Power supply and monitoring equipment for radio network repeaters

Repeaters or other retransmission base stations are key elements of the radio network infrastructure that ensure the communication of professional users of radios over a large area. The communication of radio network participants depends on them.  With the use of a repeater, reliable communication over a large area can be ensured  compared to direct communication …

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