Smart railway GSM-R phone SED GPH-650R

GSM-R android telefon SED GPH650-R

The manufacturer of railway GSM-R mobile terminals, SED, has introduced a smart GSM-R phone based on the Android operating system. The use of a standard operating system for mobile phones offers the user the opportunity to use a huge number of ready-made applications or have specialized applications prepared. The terminal supports all services in the GSM-R network according to EIRENE standard functions. The GPH-650R is equipped with two SIM card slots. In addition to operation in the GSM-R railway network, it can also be operated in the networks of public operators and use fast data transmissions of LTE technology. The design of the phone corresponds to use in an industrial environment. The terminal offers a robust construction, is equipped with special function buttons for emergency calls and a PTT button for group calls.

Technical equipment of GSM-R telephone

The technical equipment of the terminal is at a very good level and corresponds to modern smartphones. The phone’s operating system is Android 6.0. The 5 “touch screen offers an HD resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels. Operating memory is 2GB, internal memory 16GB expandable with a Micro-SD card by another 32GB.

Support for GSM-R functions

The GPH-650R supports the following features: VBS , VGCS , feature numbering management , Group ID activation / deactivation, short numbers, eMLPP , PTT, call priority setting, isolated worker.

Photos and video

Like other smartphones, the GPH-650R is equipped with a front and rear camera. Both cameras are equipped with autofocus, the rear camera has a resolution of 13 front 2 megapixels.

Connection of voice accessories

The GSM-R phone allows the connection of accessories via a standard 3.5 mm jack connector. In addition, it is possible to connect wireless hands-free accessories via Bluetooth. In addition to Bluetooth, Wifi wireless connection is of course also supported.

What sensors does the GPH-650R use?

The phone is equipped with a number of sensors that use the Android operating system and can also be used by specialized applications. For example, it is equipped with an accelerometer, proximity sensor, electronic compass, gyroscope or light sensor.

GPS positioning

By default, smartphones are equipped with a GPS receiver for positioning today, and the GPH-650R is no exception. In addition to the possibility of using today’s traditional map and navigation applications, positioning can be used, for example, to determine the position of a worker in need.

Batteries and endurance in operation

The GPH-650R GSM-R terminal is equipped with a 3020mAh Li-Ion battery, which according to the manufacturer will keep the phone ready for operation for approximately 100 hours. In normal use, the operating time is then approximately 10 hours.

Resilience and environmental characteristics

The manufacturer defines an operating temperature of -20⁰C to 55⁰C for the telephone. Dust and water resistance is defined by the IP54 standard.