GSM-R telephone SED OPS-810R with shunting support

In railway operation, technology based on the international GSM-R standard is used for voice and data communication. Compared to the conventional GSM, a number of functions are added to ensure safety, reliability and continuity of railway transport. Examples include group calls, functional addressing, and user and call priority settings. GSM-R technology uses handsets specifically designed for this standard. The rugged GSM-R SED OPS-810R telephone is the successor to the successful OPH-810R railway telephone. Like the OPH-810R, it offers all the normal operational functions, but adds a specific set of functions to provide GSM-R shunting mode communication in accordance with UIC EIRENE SRS 16.0.0 and FRS 8.0.

SED OPS-810R rugged GSM-R railway telephone for communication in railway traffic with shunting function

GSM-R phone SED OPS-810R basic features

The SED OPS-810R is a GSM-R mobile phone designed for communication of railway operations staff including shunting. The OPS-810R is highly resistant to vibration, shock, low and high temperatures and humidity. The device is dust and water resistant to IP65 specification. The powerful Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 3200 mAh allows operation even at low temperatures. The battery can be easily replaced and communication can continue as with a professional radio. For group communication, the device has a large structured PTT button on the side. A wide range of professional accessories are available for the OPS-810R to simplify operation and increase safety. The phone is equipped with a GPS receiver for positioning, a G-sensor for shock and tilt learning, and a Bluetooth interface for connecting wireless voice accessories.

Product Specifications

  • GSM-R 900/1800 MHz, GPRS class 10, class B, HR/FR/EFR
  • TFT LCD display QVGA 2.2″ easy to read in direct sunlight
  • LiI-On battery capacity 3200 mAh, replaceable separately rechargeable
  • IP65 dust and water protection
  • Dimensions: 142.6 x 66.8 x 30.5 mm
  • Weight < 250g


  • All functions as OPH-810R
  • GSMR-R shunting mode according to UIC EIRENE SRS 16.0.0 and FRS 8.0
  • External call accessories
  • Support for the lone worker feature