We offer professional communication solutions TASSTA

DCom is the official distributor of TASSTA, which offers professional communication solutions for crisis communication according to the 3GPP standard

We are honored to announce that the company DCom, Ltd. s ro. has become the official distributor of TASSTA , which provides an advanced software platform for professional communication using mobile broadband networks. TASSTA technology also meets the requirements for critical communication according to the 3GPP standard. TASSTA MCX offers MCPTT functions – Mission Critical Push-to-Talk, MCData – Mission Critical Data and MCVideo – Mission Critical Video.


The name TASSTA includes 3 keywords. The initial TA is out from the English word TALK therefore speak. The word TALK is one of the main ones goals of the company’s vision, to provide users with the opportunity to communicate with each other as easily as possible way. Just press a button and talk to your whole team at once. Letters SS in the company name refer to the word MESSAGES, so messages. Call today is not the only form of communication. Text and multimedia messaging are common today used for the rapid exchange of information between people. The last two letters of TA in the name Companies refer to DATA, which is another key element of modernity communication systems.

Professional mobile radio networks (PMR) provide the entire a range of critical communication requirements. The goal of the company TASSTA was to use the experience of its founders with building professionals TETRA networks and to design a communication platform using smartphones and fast mobile networks to ensure professional team communication. Communication TASSTA platform provides users with the necessary functions and resources for crisis we know communication from professional radio networks. At the same time, TASSTA uses The fast data, photo and video capabilities that mobile offers broadband networks. These functions cannot be implemented in narrowband networks. Interconnection possibilities of traditional narrowband radio networks and mobile broadband Networking offers the user a highly professional, easily accessible and cost effective communication variant. TASSTA is constantly working to improve technology to created a perfectly integrated communication solution for customers.

Company values

Company values determine behavior within a team with co-workers and externally with all customers. TASSTA is a young team of dedicated and passionate people.

  • We are reliable and honest
  • We gain strength from diversity and are willing to share and work i a team
  • Wa always look for a productive, respectful and happy community that welcome new ideas in complex and foster collaboration between groups with very different needs, interests and skills
  • We work independently with an open mind, always eager to imrove existing processes in order to increase customer satisfaction