Category: Telemetry and Control Systems

DMR telemetrická jednotka DS399 zajistí zcela nezávislé dálkové řízení technologických celků a je součástí schválených prvků KPPS JSVV

DMR control unit DS399 for telemetry transmission

Despite the rapid development of mobile networks, many users require an independent telemetry network for remote control of technological units. DCom has extensive experience in building telemetry networks for energy, water and flood protection systems. The MC13 radio telemetry unit has long been one of our important products. We have used our experience in the …

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AGRO PILOT Modern technologies are rapidly penetrating into agriculture. The level of robotics and automation has significantly advanced and new technologies are helping to facilitate and improve hard work of people in this industry. Farms and farmers in the Czech Republic gradually modernize their fleet. Modern farming machinery is powerful, but expensive at the same …

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Radio modem MC13

Radio telemetry unit MC13 MC13 is innovated version of proven modem MC12F. Module MC13U is additional I/O module to modem unit MC13 with 8 binary inputs, 8 binary outputs and 4 analog inputs. Maximum of 4 modules MC13U can be connected. Other modules are connectable through serial interface RS-485 or I2C. Unit RTU MC13 is …

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