DMR control unit DS399 for telemetry transmission

DMR control unit DS399 for telemetry transmission ensures completely independent remote control of technological units and is a part of the approved elements of KPPS JSVV

Despite the rapid development of mobile networks, many users require an independent telemetry network for remote control of technological units. DCom has extensive experience in building telemetry networks for energy, water and flood protection systems. The MC13 radio telemetry unit has long been one of our important products. We have used our experience in the development of the brand new DS399 telemetry unit, which uses modern digital radio networks of the DMR standard for data transmission in both conventional DMR Tier II and trunked DMR Tier III modes. The main advantages of DMR digital radio networks include high security and reliability. Digital radio networks also directly support data transmissions and their infrastructure will ensure coverage of a wide area.

The DS399 control unit is a universal means of telemetry transmission

The DS399 control unit is a universal means for telemetry transmission and independent control of technological units. The unit allows data transfer of various serial protocols on RS232 interface, digital information with the possibility of connecting logical inputs and outputs and switching of power output by means of SSR relay. In addition to data transmission, it also allows the transmission of voice messages. The DS399 telemetry unit also supports communication via Ethernet interface with TCP/IP based communication protocols . The DS399 telemetry unit uses radio stations from several world manufacturers for communication in DMR radio networks. The DS399 can operate in different roles and modes depending on the firmware installed.

KPPS control unit of the end element of the unified warning system of the JSSV transmission system

The Unified Public Warning System of the Czech Republic (UPWS) consists of a network of warning terminals, mainly consisting of alarm sirens and local information systems (simplified as municipal public address systems). The warning terminal elements are remotely controlled via a wireless transmission system from the notification centres. The second layer of the JSVV transmission system is bidirectional and based on DMR technology. The DS399 unit is the control unit for the approved Layer 2 transmission system terminals.

Parameters of the DS399 device for telemetry transmission

Power supply9-36V DC, 500mA max.
Environmental conditionsOperating temperature: – 25⁰C to +55⁰C, Atmospheric pressure: 86 kPa to 106 kPa Relative humidity: 25% to 95%
Source of timeRTC
Interface:1x Ethernet 10/100Mbit, 3x RS232, 1x UART TTL switchable 3.3V/5V, 1x UART service port with galvanic isolation RJ11 connector, 1xUSB, 1x switched output galvanically isolated max. 80V/50mA, 1x SSR switch contact, 260VAC/1A, 2x logic input galvanically isolated, audio input / audio output galvanically isolated
Serial protocolsJSVV, KP for first and second layer JSVV
Communication protocolsTCP/IP, telnet, SSH, http, syslog
Supported radiosHytera, Celetra, Motorola