LTE radios, PoC technology and flexible services

Our company is expanding its range of products and services with new segments. In addition to traditional radio networks, which are based on DMR and TETRA standards, we offer LTE radios based on PoC technology , which use the networks of mobile operators or WiFi for communication. In addition to the devices themselves, we offer our customers flexible services related to the operation of the PoC server on the DComPTT platform. For information about this new technology, we have prepared a special website: ltevysí

LTE radios from DCom ensure unrestricted connections.

LTE radios and PoC technology

LTE radios represent a new segment for professional team communication. They use data services in the networks of mobile operators and WiFi networks for connections. Due to the coverage of these networks, they are practically not limited in range. Convenient roaming allows users to communicate across the EU without limiting their reach. LTE radios are actually smart devices based on the Android OS adapted for group communication. In addition to the mobile LTE network or Wifi, LTE radios also need PoC server services and applications that provide interconnection and voice services. Thanks to the high data throughput of mobile networks, PoC technology also offers advanced services for tracking the location of subscribers, transmission of multimedia messages and video. Part of our offer is also a clear dispatching application, which enables effective management of your team.

LTE radios easy communication anywhere anytime

Flexible professional communication services

Our company offers solutions tailored to customer needs. We can offer the provision of complete communication network services, including applications, operation of the PoC technology server and the provision of advantageous data services, through the delivery of a complete delivery of complete PoC technology to the delivery of the LTE radios themselves. We can lend you radios for short-term use or testing. You can find a complete overview of the services offered here .