We support the Volunteer Firefighters of the Year poll

It is an honor for our company that it was again the main partner of the Voluntary Firefighters of the Year survey . On Tuesday 16. On November 20, 2021, fifty units and corps of volunteer firefighters from all over the Czech Republic were ceremoniously awarded for their professional interventions and preventive and socially beneficial activities.

Volunteer firefighters received the awards in the Voluntary Firefighters of 2021 poll. Hytera radio stations were among the donations.

Volunteer firefighters acquired Hytera radio stations

It awards this prize once a year based on an assessment of the interventions and activities carried out. The finalists, who placed in the first three places, received financial and in-kind donations worth a total of 2.4 mil. CZK. In-kind donations also include professional Hytera radios , which will provide volunteer firefighters with a reliable connection at the scene, or they can use them to organize cultural and sporting events.

The finalists fought the consequences of the tornado and the spread of covid-19

The current year has shown that volunteer fire brigades and corps are ready to help with the challenges of today. The big topic of this year was the help of volunteer firefighters in the fight against the spread of covid-19. Other major challenges for volunteer firefighters have been major natural disasters. Firefighters helped with the floods and the consequences of the tornado in the Hodonín region.

120 applicants from all over the Czech Republic applied for the title of Unit or Corps of Volunteer Firefighters. Fifty of them then sent a record 58,000 votes to the public, which resulted in their final ranking.

The gala evening is broadcast by Czech Television

The gala evening of the survey was recorded by Czech Television . Viewers will be able to watch the show already 4.12. at 14:30 on the ČT2 program. He will present the best interventions and deeds to the general public through an entertaining program.